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David Brooks

Retire Smart Omaha

When we met David at Retire Smart, he had multiple successful marketing channels, but no tracking or automations in place. After our Marketing Mapping, we rebuilt his CRMs from the ground up to track KPI's for 10 unique marketing channels.

Project Summary

Understanding Current Marketing Channels

When we met David, he had multiple successful marketing channels, but no tracking or automations in place. We started with a Marketing Mapping Day to understand the inner works of all 10 unique marketing channels and understand the KPI's for each. After reviewing their processes we implemented our Know Your Numbers platform to track marketing results from lead to closed business.

David wanted to understand his Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Cost Per Lead by Marketing Channel to make data based decisions. Through a combination of two CRM's, and hundreds of automations we simplified their process, ensured tracking and redundancy for each step, and created a simple easy to understand reporting system.


Here's What We Accomplished

7,000+ Leads Uncovered

230+ Leads Re-Engaged Monthly

87 Marketing Automations Created

100% of Leads Tracked from Start to Finish


Problem Overview

We began tackling David's marketing tracking issue by assessing the two CRMs in use, Active Campaign and Wealthbox. We identified manual processes that could be automated and determined who was responsible for tracking which information. We established new naming conventions for fields and records and aligned them to facilitate seamless information flow between systems. As a result, the marketing and inside sales teams can now operate efficiently in Active Campaign, while the financial advisors can work in Wealthbox.

Solution #1: Know Your Numbers

First, we customized their CRMs and integrated our "Know Your Numbers" system. This enabled us to create marketing reports tracking the Cost per Lead (CPL), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Return on Investment (ROI) by channel.

We discovered that some marketing channels had a high ROI, while others needed to be reduced or eliminated.


Solution #2: Implementing Email Drip Sequences

We then addressed the challenge of increasing interactions with potential customers. This manual task was proving to be very time consuming for Retire Smart's employees. Through the creation of personalized email sequences, we were able to increase interactions with potential customers and improve the email open rates. 


As a result, we successfully delivered 127,200 emails with a 43% open rate.

Solution #3: Building CRM Automations

To increase employee productivity, we have implemented over 85 automations within the CRM. Our automations assign tasks to specific employees, automate email and text message communications with prospects, and automatically input lead data into the system. This reduces manual data entry time by over 20 hours per week.

RS_0545R_Lyndsay Stednitz.jpg

Lyndsay Stednitz

Director of Operations, Retire Smart Omaha


I cannot say enough good things about Josh & Isaac at Advisor Guide Marketing. They did a deep dive on our marketing department along with the processes we had in place and put together a very detailed plan to not only decrease the man hours within our processes, but also improve the overall ROI for bringing in leads.

Additionally, they helped us negotiate and A/B test with vendors, set up automations, and track our missed opportunities within the sales process. They have provided us with countless tools so we can continue to grow as a business and become more efficient.



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