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Creating Consistent Digital Content


Tony Drake

Drake & Associates

When we began creating content for Tony, he had spent years posting content on YouTube without much success. He wanted consistent, engaging, evergreen content to drive new leads and appointments for his team.

Project Summary

Creating Consistent Digital Content

When we started creating content for Tony, he had been posting on YouTube for years and had yet to be consistently successful. He wanted engaging and evergreen content to attract new leads and appointments for his team. 


We began recording with all of Tony's advisors, creating content about their Retirement Ready Roadmap in critical areas such as Taxes, Investments, and Income. We quickly increased their viewership using YouTube shorts and directed viewers to longer videos with a direct Call to Action's (CTA) to book an appointment.


Here's What We Accomplished

13X Increase in Monthly Viewership

5X Increase in Annual Subscribers

Consistent Content Posted Weekly

53,000 Views in Under 5 Months


YouTube Growth


Recent Top Performing Content


What's Next for Tony's Channel?

Due to the growth of Tony's office and business, he recently moved into a new building three times the size of his old office. With more space, he has room to build a professional video production studio where his staff can create content anytime they want! That's where we came in.


We worked with Tony and his team to design, fabricate, and install a complete studio set outfitted with overhead lighting and professional audio/visual (AV) equipment. Installation will take place in less than a month, but below are images of the 3D design renderings as well as other studio buildouts we have done for clients!


Gleb Sergeyev

Director of Marketing, Drake & Associates


I highly recommend Advisor Guide to any financial advisor and their marketing team. Advisor Guide Marketing has done a phenomenal job with helping our company improve our internal processes and procedures, increase our lead count, and optimize our existing marketing funnels.

Our YouTube channel has become a source of leads and new business for us thanks for their efforts. We've had 5x the amount of views in the first 5 months of 2024 compared to all of 2023.


Take Your Video Content To The Next Level

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